Who we are

Hengli Group, established in 1994, is an international enterprise that focuses on oil refining, petrochemical, advanced polyester materials, and textile. The Group owns one of the world’s largest PTA plants, one of the world’s largest functional fiber production bases and weaving enterprises, with 120,000 employees. It has a national “Enterprise Technology Center” in China. The Group’s corporate competitiveness and product brand value are among the forefront in the industry.

Hengli Group’s total revenue in 2021 was RMB 732.3 billion ($80B USD), ranking 67th in Fortune Global 500, 21th in Top 500 Chinese enterprises, 3th in China's Private Enterprises, and 6th in the Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in China. It has been successively awarded “The Environment-friendly Enterprise of Chemical Fiber Industry in China”, “National Advanced Group of Textile Industry”, “Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan”, “Enterprise with the advantage in National intellectual property”, and “The National Advanced Unit for Corporate Culture Construction”. Many of the products have won the titles of “Famous Trademark of China” and “National User Satisfaction Product”. At present, Hengli Group owns three publicly listed companies, Hengli Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (“Hengli Petrochemical Co., Ltd.” Stock Code: 600346.SH). Guangdong Songfa Ceramics Co., Ltd. ("Songfa INC." Stock Code: 603268.SH). And Suzhou Wujiang Tongli Lake Co., Ltd. (“Tongli Tourism” Stock Code: 834199.OC), a dozen of entity enterprises, and has built several production bases in Suzhou, Dalian, Suqian, Nantong, Yingkou,Huizhou, Guiyang, etc.

Hengli Group adheres to the development of the entire industrial value chain of crude oil, aromatics, ethylene, Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA), glycol, polyester (PET), textile yarn and industrial yarn, engineering plastics, PBT film, textile. 

In the refining sector, Hengli’s 20 million tons/year (40Kb/d) refining and chemical integration project is the first major private refining and chemical project listed in China’s State Council’s documents, it is also one of the key projects to initiate the new round of strategic revitalization in Northeast China. Hengli adheres to the ideology of “moving ten years ahead” in the project construction, with high starting point strategy, high standard planning, high-quality construction, high efficiency of management, it achieves the shortest completion time of the world’s petrochemical industry engineering construction, and breaks the industry record of the shortest start-up time and production speed of the entire process, it has become the benchmark of high-quality development of the industry. 

In the petrochemical sector, the PTA project in Hengli petrochemical (Dalian Changxing island) industrial park will reach an annual production capacity of 12 million tons/year. Operates in high standards, strict requirements, and fast pace.
In the polyester advanced materials sector, Hengli Group has imported a full set of the world-class facility with an annual polymerization capacity of 6 million tons. 

In the textile sector, as a vertical expansion of the group's industrial chain, Hengli textile is the world's largest textile production base, located in Suzhou and Suqian of Jiangsu Province , Luzhou of Sichuan Province, Guiyang of Guizhou Province, and other cities.Owning more than 40,000 production equipment with a production capacity of more than 4 billion meters each year.

Hengli Group persists in implementing its branding strategy and marketing strategy, its independent research and development capabilities are at the forefront of the textile industry. Meanwhile, Hengli actively exploits domestic and global high-end markets, insists on independent innovation and continuously enhances its core competition ability, the establishment of "Hengli International Research and Development Center" and "Hengli production base", senior experts composed of international research and development team from Germany, Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan develops the high end differentiated products for the enterprise. Up until now, Hengli Group has undertaken more than 60 major science and technology projects of national, provincial and industry associations, and independently developed the key technology of polyester fiber, winning the "National Science and Technology Progress Award".

In the process of enterprise development and growth, Hengli Group actively strives to form a friendly environment to achieve progress and advancement. At the same time, the enterprise is dedicating to fulfilling social responsibilities, actively support the development of charities and help the disadvantaged groups. Since its establishment, the enterprise has donated more than RMB 1 billion ($145M USD).

Hengli Group pays attention to environmental protection and has made great achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction. It has passed the ISO environmental management system certification and the European green environmental protection certification. The enterprise has taken the lead in the implementation of reclaimed water reuse projects across the nation, established the first state-level green factory in the industry.

"Establish World First-Class Manufa🧸cturer, Create International Top Brand". Looking ahead, Hengli Group will continue to develop the entire diversified industry chain and make every effort for the prosperity of the industry.

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